What We Do

Aims to create healthy individual which is more important, everybody tends to care only we are diagnosed with diseases, but Prevention is better than cure Ayurveda says "SWASTHASYA SWASTHA RAKSHANA ATHURASYA VIKARA PRASHANANA" which means preventing/increasing the health of healthy individual and to cure to disease of diseased person as its aim thats what exactly Prayathna aims at.

  • Every individual is unique to maintain a good health a customized lifestyle/ diet and detoxing theraphies are done at Prayathna.
  • To maintain a physical health the mental stability is also important. So counselling is given at Prayathna.
  • Obesity is the most treating lifestyle disorder, to avoid it to create awareness on it and to treat it Prayathna offers "Panchakarma Theraphies".

  • "Nidana Parivarjanam" - Treating the cause, now a days only the symptoms of the disease are treated thats why the recurrance happen, Prayathna treat the cause which removes the disease from the root. So, the symptoms vanishes also the diseases will not re-occur.
  • Prayathna - Gives you the perfect ambience for inner peace and physical health and wellness.

"Ayurveda is fun-Idealogical-Methodological"